Use Twitter to Keep your presence fresh


Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing consider the freshness of your site when showing the results. In other words they consider how new the information is on your site, and how many times it is updated.

We all know as a business owner, your goal is to focus on your business and do not have the time to keep updating your site.  One of the best tricks is to choose a twitter feed and attach it to your Punto site.  The twitter feed has to have the following criteria:

  • Updated frequently.
  • Related to your business (for example a salon could include the feed of L'Oreal, while a Car dealership a feed of Toyota)
  • Feed does not include profanities or negative discussions.
  • Feed in the language your customers understand.

Advantages of having a good twitter feed are:

  • Keep your Punto site fresh in search engines
  • Let your customers see what is new and inquire on them at your business
  • Generate new leads of new products and services that you resell when including feeds of your vendors.

Adding Twitter feeds to your Punto is straightforward.

  • Access the Business Center > Social Media  
  • You have three options available for you to show on your page
    • A hashtag keyword like #kennels #hairdresser (these are ok but can sometime include content that you do not want on your site, since anyone can use hastag keywords when they post, but they are also great to get a lot of customer feedback -- use with caution)
    • A regular keyword like kennels haridresser (these are more dangerous since these are words that people may use in their twitter conversations -- we do not recommend using these at all)
    • A profile keyword like @landrover @loreal (these are excellent choices since these are feeds controlled by the brand managers and tend to be business and brand friendly)
  • Select how many you want to show on your page
  • Save your changes, and your Punto will instantly include the feed you selected in your site.

Hope you find this Tip helpful.