How to dock Ayna Launchpad with your favorite Social Media Channel


Connecting to social media channels is possible when you "dock" your Ayna Launchpad to your favorite social media channels. With Ayna Launchpad, you can connect to dock to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk and Youtube.

NOTE: You will need a valid Ayna and at least one accout on the following social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Plurk)

To dock your Ayna Launchpad with you social media channel, follow these steps.

  • You log in to your business center - https://ayna.com/bc/
  • Cick on Home > Settings > Launchpad - https://ayna.com/bc/index.php?f=setup_launchpad
  • Click on the "Dock" button for the social media you want to dock with.
  • When prompted by Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Plurk to authorize Ayna Launchpad click "Accept"
  • When you authorize Ayna Launchpad, you should see a "Docked" green button showing that now you are connected and can "Launch" your messages to your docked stations from Home > Connect > Launch > Message