How to add & manage deals?


To manage your deals you need the following:

  •   PUNTO account
  •   A deal term, offer, dates, and pictures

Step 1: You log in to your business center, and go to add a new deal.

Home > Presence > Deals (Menu) > New Deal

Step 2: Type your deal information in the text fields, and Click on save.

Step 3: After the save succeed, system will show you a button to upload an external photo from your computer. Click on browse, choose your photo, and then click on (Upload).

Step 4: After succeed typing your text & uploading your needed picture, click on (Manage Deals) to manage your deal status.

Find your last created deal. You’ll see that the system will show your deal status as (hidden). click on the (Show) button.

Home > Presence > Deals (Menu) > Manage Deals.

Once you click on (Show) button, system will show your deal status changed to published.

Step 5: Open your website in another tab within your browser, click on (Deals) and you’ll find your last created deal has been published into your website.

Step 6: To show your deal on the home page of your website, click on (Pin) button.

Note: (Pin) is a word means show the item on your website home page.

Once click on (Pin) button, system will show your deal status as pinned.

Step 7: Go to your website home page to find that your deal is available on the home page.