Registering a .US domain name


If you are a US business, entity or person and want to have a domain name that represent that, you can get a .us domain name to use for your business presence.

To satisfy the American presence requirements of the .US registry, you need to provide the following information

A description of the domain's application purpose:

  • P1—Business use for profit.
  • P2—Non-profit business, club, association, religious organization, and so on.
  • P3—Personal use.
  • P4—Education purposes.
  • P5—Government purposes

A description of the domain's nexus category:

  • C11—A citizen of the U.S. or any of its territories.
  • C21—An organization incorporated within the U.S.
  • C31—An entity that regularly engages in lawful activities in the U.S.
  • C32—An entity that has an office or other facility in the U.S.

You need to provide a the domain owner's country of citizenship.

Value must be a valid two-letter country code. Please use the ISO 3166 Country Code. Common codes include:

  • US -- United States of America
  • MX -- Mexican
  • CA -- Canadian
  • BR -- Brazilian