I just placed my order and paid the invoice, what happens now?


Thank you for entrusting Ayna, and welcome to our network of business owners.

Please expect the following to occur shortly after you made your order.

  1. Our billing department will review your order and confirm that your order has been accepted.
  2. Once the order clears billing, you will receive a welcome email with your log-in information to your client-area.  The client area is where you can see the status of your order, tickets, etc..
  3. You will get a presonalized "what happens next" list which oulines what we need from you and what will happen at our end to speed up the deployment of all the pieces that go into creating a strong presence.
  4. An account manager is then assigned to your business and will contact you with some documents for you to fill, to explain to us your goals, business and so on.
  5. Once we receive your completed form, you will hear from your account manager over the phone to go over your reply to make sure that the information is understood.
  6. In parallel we will create your account on Ayna platform, and will start updating information to it as it becomes available.
  7. We will setup your emails, website and contact you for the services that you have signed up.
  8. You can contact us by openeing a ticket to keep track of your requests and ensure that they are addressed to your satisfaction.